Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square- Denver Free Events by Jennifer Pollock

Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square- Denver Free Events.  

Over the weekend of May 31st and June 1st, Larimer Arts Association put on their annual Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square in the heart of Downtown Denver. This Denver Free Event is always open to the public and brings with it many fascinating pieces of chalk art.

Using various forms of chalk and pastel to decorate the otherwise mundane concrete, artists always create a variety of fascinating and unique pieces that range from a take on Hungry Hippos to touching tribute pieces. No two pieces are alike, and a new variety of pieces reflecting current events can be found every time the festival takes place.

There’s even an eco-friendly side to all this adornment. The night after the festival ends, street sweeping vehicles go over Larimer Square to pick up the chalk left after the festival ends. While many are sad to see the art go, leaving it there could pollute the Cherry Creek and harm wildlife in the area. This is part of a collaboration between Larimer Arts Association and the city of Denver called “Greenprint Denver” that works with many festivals to keep environmental impact at a minimum.

The Chalk Art Festival is a special tradition for Denver and is sure to keep the whole family entertained for the day. This free event takes place every year after Memorial Day, so come on down to Larimer Square next year to see what 2015 brings to this amazing event.

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