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“I’m thinking about selling my existing home and buying a new one at the same time. Is this possible? Do I need to hire two different Realtors to help me achieve my goals of buying a Denver, CO home and Selling my Denver Colorado home at the same time.” Jennifer Pollock of Keller Williams DTC helps her clients to sell Denver CO homes and buy a new home in Denver, Colorado at the same time. Hear her thoughts on the video below.

How do I price my home to sell but not give it away? Many sellers are concerned when they see homes in their Denver neighborhood sell in a week or two that the homeowners gave the home away. The reason that homes sell quickly in Denver,CO is because the home sellers were shown current market activity that compared their home to what other homes in their neighborhood sold for in the very recent past. Realtors bring market data to show home owners the same data that appraisers will be reviewing when they appraise the home on the behalf of the bank and the new buyer of the home. By being upfront about current market conditions the Realtor that you are working with is being a professional in guiding you .

Jennifer Pollock of Keller Williams DTC responds to a question that is asked frequently by curious Denver Colorado home owner’s interested in determining their Denver, CO home values. Here is the question posed to her, “Jennifer, I just refinanced my home and I recently received an appraisal of my Denver, CO home. Can I use this appraisal in determining my Denver neighborhood home’s current market value?”

Jennifer Pollock of Keller Williams DTC Realty explains how to price a home in Denver Colorado’s competitive home selling marketplace to receive the best offers and have the home appraise for the price a buyer is willing to pay for the home.

Why use a QR code when selling a property in Denver, CO? Jennifer Pollock of Keller Williams DTC explains how she utilizes QR codes in her marketing to increase traffic to her seller’s listed homes. QR codes are a new emerging technology to help a Denver home seller showcase their property to all interested buyers easily and instantly.

Jennifer Pollock of Keller Williams DTC, explains why it is important to make sure the Realtor that you hire to sell your home utilizes a Professional Photographer to capture your homes beauty on film.

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