To buy or not to buy a home. 5 reasons on both sides.

5 Reasons to buy a home. 1. You are sick and tired of the landlord raising your rent. 2. You are ready to paint your walls hot-pink or black or just any other color under the sun but white. 3.  You need more space to grow your tomatoes and sunflowers than the windowsill. 4. You want a garage to cut down on your street sweeping ticket bill. 5. You want to stop getting weird looks from neighbors who awake each day to the interesting sound effects coming from your bedroom.  5 Reasons not to buy a home. 1. You like living life as a vagabond. 2.  You enjoy splitting the rent with a crazy person just to live in a cool loft. 3. You think you get more action (yes that kind) than homeowners do.  (not true) 4.  You like making loud noises … [Read more...]

Mayfair Home Sale Statistics: February 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood, located between Eudora and Monaco/6th Avenue Parkway and Colfax, had 8 homes sell in the month of February.  Find out what homes sold for by reviewing this Mayfair statistics document. Find your new Mayfair home available now from $100,000 to $1,000,000. … [Read more...]

Mayfair Home Sale Statistics: February 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood had 8 single family homes sell in January 2009.  The average list price was $556, 575 with the average sold price being $496,175 which came to an average sq. foot price of $200.  See the actual figures by reviewing this Mayfair home sales  document. … [Read more...]

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