Does Mayfair have a registered neighborhood organization?

Yes, Mayfair has an active neighborhood organization.  Local residents and business owners are encouraged to get involved in the Mayfair neighborhood by joining and enjoying activities promoted by this wonderful group of people.  Membership per household is  $15.00 per year ( discounted rate of $10.00 per year if you are age 65+) which keeps you informed and pays for the Mayfair Mirror newspaper to be delivered to you on a quartly basis.  The Mayfair mirror posts activities on its website or in the newspaper. You can contact the organization by visiting the website: or just mail your yearly membership check directly to… Mayfair Neighbors, Inc. PO Box 200306 Denver, CO 80220 Getting involved in this organization is a … [Read more...]

Mayfair Neighborhood Home Sale Statistics: April 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood has a total of 6 homes sell in April 2009.  The average list price for the homes in April was $219, 766.  The average sold price was $215,000 and the average sold price per sq. foot was $214.  These averages were lowered due to one sale of  a home located at 5715 East 13th that sold for $95,000. View all the April home sales on this Mayfair Sales Document.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the homes that have sold in Mayfair for more information or to inquire about what your home is currently worth in today’s marketplace.   Looking to buy or sell a home in Mayfair? Call me/text me/email me. I’m here to help. Find your new Mayfair home available now from $100,000 to $1,000,000. … [Read more...]

Mayfair Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood Organization held it’s  Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Breakfast this morning in Mayfair.  Early bird breakfast was served at Palmer Elementary kick starting all the fun ahead.  The Palmer elementary school Principal, Liz Trujillo, welcomed parents and neighbors.  Volunteers served up  a wonderful breakfast of orange juice, coffee and various breakfast treats including fresh strawberries and pineapple.  After the wake-up breakfast everyone headed over to Mayfair park where volunteers had scattered hundreds of eggs filled with candy for the children’s main event.  As people gathered in the park, the Mayfair Neighborhood organization invited non-members to join and receive the Mayfair Mirror’s quarterly … [Read more...]

Selling a Home Is Easy With Jennifer Pollock

I helped Nick and Sophie sell their beautiful home on 776 Ivy Street in Mayfair over the holiday season.  They were in the process of relocating overseas and needed someone to get their home sold quickly and efficiently.  They chose to hire me to sell their home.  Within a week of getting their home under contract and through the inspection process they packed up and left the country.  I worked with Chicago Title company to finalize all the paperwork on their side before they left.  When they left, they shouldered all the responsibility of closing their house transaction on my shoulders.  I handled the rest of the transaction without needing to shuffle papers back and forth to them while they were mostly unreachable because of their move … [Read more...]

Welcome Pam and Jason. Mayfair’s newest neighbors at 776 Ivy Street.

Let’s all welcome Pam and Jason to Mayfair.  They moved in last weekend and are working  hard on getting their home set-up the way they like it.  When I stopped by to snap their photo Pam had just finished washing white paint out of her hair. Paint accident.  Remember when you were a first time homeowner?  Anyone have a funny story to share about buying a home for the first time or moving in memories.  Feel free to post a comment or two. Find your  new Mayfair Home  in all price ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000.  Feel free to call me  at 720-495-9404 for more information or to set a showing. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Questions to ask before listing your home with just any agent

Internet Marketing: Ask about how they market on the internet? Do they have a showcase listing enhancement on Do they advertise your property on their personal and company website?  Do they advertise on ,Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Linkedin, Craigslist etc.? Do they have a blog? Printed Material Marketing: What style of brochure will be produced? Full color or black white? Color brochures outside in brochure box or inside only?  Photos posted on brochure or only exterior with written description? (photos sell houses not written descriptions). Will you be provided with professional photos utilized in the brochure or personal digital camera photos?  Professional photos enhance the appearance of color brochures. Are brochures … [Read more...]

To buy or not to buy a home. 5 reasons on both sides.

5 Reasons to buy a home. 1. You are sick and tired of the landlord raising your rent. 2. You are ready to paint your walls hot-pink or black or just any other color under the sun but white. 3.  You need more space to grow your tomatoes and sunflowers than the windowsill. 4. You want a garage to cut down on your street sweeping ticket bill. 5. You want to stop getting weird looks from neighbors who awake each day to the interesting sound effects coming from your bedroom.  5 Reasons not to buy a home. 1. You like living life as a vagabond. 2.  You enjoy splitting the rent with a crazy person just to live in a cool loft. 3. You think you get more action (yes that kind) than homeowners do.  (not true) 4.  You like making loud noises … [Read more...]

Mayfair Home Sale Statistics: February 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood, located between Eudora and Monaco/6th Avenue Parkway and Colfax, had 8 homes sell in the month of February.  Find out what homes sold for by reviewing this Mayfair statistics document. Find your new Mayfair home available now from $100,000 to $1,000,000. … [Read more...]

Mayfair Home Sale Statistics: February 2009

The Mayfair Neighborhood had 8 single family homes sell in January 2009.  The average list price was $556, 575 with the average sold price being $496,175 which came to an average sq. foot price of $200.  See the actual figures by reviewing this Mayfair home sales  document. … [Read more...]

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